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Wealth Management Holistic Approach

We have found that clients who benefit most from our services tend to have complex financial needs that are specific to their financial goals and dreams. We provide a single point of oversight in reviewing the big picture for each individual client, while collaborating with tax advisors as well as attorneys as your advocate through life's financial decisions. The following is a list of value added services we provide that is inclusive of our holistic approach to your financial success.

1. Investments

Define the asset allocation that matches your goals, while working to reduce volatility and risk

2. Financial Planning

With an overwhelming number of options for savings and investing, managing your investments can be difficult. A financial plan helps you to see the big picture while setting long and short-term life goals

3. Insurance

Review of risk exposures and manage the risk by transfer, reduction, avoidance, and retention

4. Estate Planning

Critical for the protection of your assets, we work closely with outside professionals to make sure that our investment recommendations and strategies are consistent with your estate plans and goals

5. Business Succession

We provide a valuation of your business to help you determine the best possible transition strategy for you, your family, and your business

6. Education Planning

College is an investment in your children or grandchildren for a lifetime, opening the door to a world of opportunity. With the cost of education continuing to increase; saving, even a little at a time, can make a big difference

7. Legacy

No matter how large or small, what you do, give and accomplish defines your legacy. We'll work with you to accomplish that in the most efficient manner possible

8. Qualified Retirement Plans

Comprehensive analysis to determine the best form of implementation and/or distribution in accordance with your financial plan

9. Executor / Successor Trustees

You worked hard to create your legacy, it is important to have someone who will both handle your finances and work well with your family

10. Liabilities

Cash flow and liability management for efficient use and implementation of your assets to support the financial plan designed to achieve your goals